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  • Image of “Beef Cakes”
  • Image of “Beef Cakes”

“Beef Cakes”

Sold Out

“Beef Cakes” - (these will be titled by items on the ledger paper) - india ink and collage on 126 year old ledger paper. 5”x7”. Framed in a very basic plastic frame, can be reframed easily and cheap (I highly recommend reframing with mat to keep it away from the glass.). If interested in buying it unframed, let me know. Price will be the same as advertised though. Thanks

About 3 years ago, I was lucky enough to find this ledger on eBay. It is from W.T. Malin General Merchandise from Wyalusing, WI. I hope to have more of these available in the near future. Thanks for looking.