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  • Image of “I Can’t Go Back To Austin”
  • Image of “I Can’t Go Back To Austin”

“I Can’t Go Back To Austin”

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“I Can’t Go Back To Austin” - acrylic, sand on salvaged birch plywood. Framed (frame has gloss finish) and ready to hang. 8.75”w x 12.75”t

For some reason, after I finished this one, it reminded me of Doug Sahm. So I decided to name it after one of his songs. Once I picked “I can’t go back to Austin”, I listened closely to the lyrics. It’s about a guy who fooled around with a married woman in Austin and her husband was not to be messed with so he couldn’t go back to Austin or he’d get decked in the face. Then I realized the reverse red cross symbol in the painting and knew it was the perfect title for this piece.