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  • Image of "Get a Lil' Dirt on Your Hands"
  • Image of "Get a Lil' Dirt on Your Hands"

"Get a Lil' Dirt on Your Hands"

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“Get a Lil’ Dirt on Your Hands” - salvaged carpenter ruler pivot ends. 6”w x 6.5”t. Gloss finish. Framed. I could bear to toss the ends of the carpenter rulers I disassembled. I only buy broken ones because I can’t bring mysef to break a perfectly good tool. But when I see these rulers, my mind goes to “who owned these? Who poured their sweat out on these? How many hours were these in someone’s tool belt? How many jobsites have these seen?”. And then I geek out over the cool old typefaces used on all of these. A piece of history, if you will. Let’s get out there and make cool shit! The world needs more builders, artists and doers. Have a great day, y’all!!!