Image of “Mind The Mind”

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“Mind The Mind”

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MIND /mīnd - Verb- 2.) regard as important; feel concern about. As someone who has lived with depression most of their life, it’s important for me to spread the word that mental health is just as important as your physical health. I wish it was easy for everyone to accept and discuss but to some people, it’s way too personal and deep and that’s okay too. But take care of yourselves inside and out, for everyone’s sake. Lean on friends, family or therapists. Ain’t no shame in that game. The world has always been a weird, heavy place and it’s normal to want to crawl under a rock sometimes. My crutches are meditation, therapy and positive self reinforcement, and even with all those, it still creeps up out of nowhere. Mind The Mind and it will appreciate you for doing so. Love yourself.

Acrylic on (approx) 100yr old bead board. Gloss finish. Framed. Approx. 20”w x 27”t.